Preliminary works start on new site


Despite the wet weather and a high water table, preliminary ground works have commenced on the new Dutton Builders Merchants site off Holmes Capel road in Middlewich.

The following photographs indicate the current progress of works and will be updated on a regular basis.

1. Construction of an underground rainwater storage tank is underway which at times of peak flow will retain 150 m3 of rainwater, for use in rainwater harvesting and to minimise the impact of rain on the local surface water drainage systems.

These works will remain unseen when the new yard is complete.

Preliminary works start on new site

2. The foundations are now in for the new weighbridge.

The weighbridge is centrally located within the site and is therefore more accessible then our current arrangement.

Preliminary works start on new site1

3. The Southern boundary materials bays are now installed with works ongoing to form the concrete apron to the front of the bays.

When complete the yard will boast 17 materials bays of differing sizes to cope with our expanding quantities and range of materials.

Preliminary works start on new site2

4. Work to extend and convert the existing warehouse has not yet commenced.

However a steelwork and cladding contractors has been appointed and it is anticipated that works on the new buildings will commence in January

Preliminary works start on new site3
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